3 Things About Your Website That Are Turning Off Potential Clients

In 2019 all of your would-be clients are going to Google you. Sure, they might find you on Psychology Today or another therapist-search site. But they are 100% going to do their homework. This is one of the biggest reasons you need a website. But what’s worse than not having a website? Having a bad one. Your website is your chance to show your clients who you are and how you think about things, so while it doesn’t need to be “THE BEST WEBSITE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF WEBSITES”, there are some things you should consider when making your website, or bringing a critical eye to the one you already have.

1. Typos and Grammar Mistakes

Remember how in grad school we learned that it was bad to keep dead plants in your office, because clients would interpret that to mean something about how you will care for them? It’s the same for typos. We’re all human, and typos happen, but do your due diligence, and make sure you proofread your website copy. If you need some tips on proofreading (I know, grad school was a while ago), I would recommend checking out this post.

2. Your Website Says Too Much About Your Bona Fides And Not Enough About Your Client

If potential clients scrolling through your website don’t get the sense that you understand their pain points, and that you know how to help them, you’ve lost them. No amount of awards won, high honors achieved, places you’ve been published, or fancy schools you went to can make up for that. Another therapist who has a clear message that speaks right to that potential client’s heart is the one who is going to get the call, not you. Check out my previous post about writing to your ideal client.

3. You Haven’t Updated Your Site Since 2009

You made your website (or had one made for you) and it’s been a year (or, let’s be honest, several) since you’ve made any changes to it. If you’re in this camp, you’re not alone. We can be avoidant about going back and looking at our websites once we’ve finished them. Kind of like listening to a recording of your own voice, it can sometimes make you cringe a little. However, if you don’t occasionally update your site, it’s going to start to look a little tired. As we consume content online, our eyes for things change. Styles change, and technology gets updated. Also, little known fact, regularly updating your site actually helps you rank higher with search engines! It’s true! If your page is dormant, Google will notice that, and send less traffic your way. So even if it’s just updating the photos, or adding new information about services you offer, it’s worth it to do regular housekeeping on your site.

Final Thoughts

Remember, our client’s relationship to us starts well before they’ve actually met us in person. Our websites set a tone for that early relationship. If it’s messy, outdated, confusing, or hard to find, clients do make meaning of that. Your website is a way of communicating who you really are as therapist. If you want more help creating your website, get in touch, I’d be happy to help!

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