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One-on-One Consultation For Your Private Practice

If you’ve been in private practice for any length of time and are looking to:

  • Increase your numbers

  • Raise your fees

  • Go off insurance panels

  • Improve your online presence

  • Fill your practice with more of the clients you love working with

I’ve got you covered! Here are some services I offer:

  • A top-to-bottom assessment of your marketing strategy and needs

  • A complete marketing plan that will reach your target audience (AND line up with your values)

  • Individual coaching around any practice concerns, such as fee-setting, going off panels, or getting and staying organized

  • Writing new website copy that allows your voice to come through in order reach your ideal clients

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Additional Pricing Information

  • $25o Initial Consultation (60-minute face-to-face + personalized to-do list full of actionable items to grow your practice+ 30 days of email follow-ups to answer questions as you work through your list)

  • $175 60-minute follow-up consultation

  • $85 30-minute follow-up consultation

  • For more information on pricing for writing and website-building services, click here


My office is conveniently located in Cambridge, MA, and I also happily offer phone or video consultation.