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One-on-One Consultation For Your Private Practice

If you’ve been in private practice for any length of time and are looking to:

  • Make your practice more profitable

  • Fill your practice with clients you love working with

  • Avoid burnout

I’ve got you covered! Here are some services I offer:

  • A top-to-bottom assessment of your marketing strategy and needs

  • A complete marketing plan that will reach your target audience (AND line up with your values)

  • Individual coaching around any practice concerns, such as talking to clients about money, setting healthy boundaries in your practice, determining how much to charge, going off insurance panels, or getting and staying organized

  • Creating or updating your website to allow your voice to come through in order reach your ideal clients

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Additional Pricing Information

  • $250 Initial Consultation (60-minute face-to-face + personalized to-do list full of actionable items to grow your practice+ 30 days of email follow-ups to answer questions as you work through your list)

  • $175 60-minute follow-up consultation

  • $85 30-minute follow-up consultation

  • For more information on pricing for writing and website-building services, click here


My office is conveniently located in Cambridge, MA, and I also happily offer phone or video consultation.