You Want to Start A Private Practice

Maybe you’re grinding it out at an agency, getting burned out, and feeling like there has to be a better option out there. Or maybe you’re looking to supplement your income with a private practice on the side. Either way, you might have a lot of questions and feelings about putting yourself out there. Will you be able to get enough clients? Should you take insurance? Do you have enough knowledge and experience to go out on your own? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Through my small group workshops, I can give you the tool kit to start building your practice. And if you need one-on-one attention, I’ve got you covered there too!

You Want to Boost Your Current Private Practice

If you’re a therapist in private practice and you’re looking to find more clients, reach a new population, or take your practice to a new level, I can help! I will provide a top to bottom assessment and help you develop a customized marketing plan that suits your needs, your personality, and your practice. I can make marketing less intimidating, and help you share your unique talents and gifts. I’m also passionate about helping therapists improve their SEO, their online presence, and helping them speak to their ideal clients through their websites. Let me help your ideal clients find you!