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You might be on this page because you know how important writing is for growing your business.

But in case you don’t, here’s a few ways good writing can help you get more clients:

  • The writing on your website may be the deciding factor in whether a potential client reaches out to you or not. You need to convey a deep understanding of what they are struggling with, as well as confidence, and an ability to help.

  • Having a blog is a great way for potential clients to get to know you before they decide to work with you. Therapist directories give you what? 200 characters? For work this complex, you need more space to give potential clients a sense of who you are, and that’s where blogging can help!

  • Showcase your expertise to both potential clients, as well as colleagues who would want to refer to you. Well-written posts and website copy can establish you as an expert to be sought out for your knowledge in certain specialty areas. This can be really helpful when you are trying to hone your niche.

  • Regular blog updates to your website boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO basically just means that your website is as close to the top of search engine results as possible. Blog posts are one of the best ways for Google to find your website. Plus, keeping your website active by adding new content also pushes your site up higher in the rankings.

In collaboration with you, we can come up with copy for your website that gets right to the heart of your client’s struggles. And with just a little bit of input from you about theme and your perspective, I can write you a blog post (or a whole batch of them) that you can use for your website.


  • $150 for one blog post

  • $375 for a batch of three posts

  • $525 for a batch of five

  • $50 per hour for website copy

  • Starting at $2000 for full website with design (fonts and photos)

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch today!